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Turkstat announce fisheries production in Turkey

Turkstat announced the 2018 fisheries statistics.

Fishery production decreased by 0.3% in 2018 with respect to the previous year and occurred at 628 thousand 631 tones.

The total fishery production was composed of sea fish by 35.3%, other sea products by 9.9%, inland water products by 4.8% and aquaculture products by 50%.

While the production made by capture was 314 thousand 094 tones, aquaculture production occurred at 314 thousand 537 tones.

The capture of marine production decreased by 11.9%, the capture of inland water production decreased by 6.2% with respect to the previous year.

33.4% of the amount of aquaculture production took place at the inland waters and 66.6% at the seas.

Within all the production of marine products by capture, East Black Sea Region was the first with the ratio of 31.5%. The regions West Black Sea with 30.6%, Marmara with 18.4%, Aegean with 15% and the Mediterranean with 4.5% followed this region.

Per capita, the average consumption of fish was 5.49 kg in 2017 and occurred at 6.14 kg with increasing by 11.8% in 2018. (ILKHA)

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