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Hezbollah launches aerial attack on israeli military units
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In a statement released on Tuesday, Hezbollah disclosed that its Resistance fighters launched a coordinated aerial attack utilizing diversionary and suicide drones. The strikes targeted the headquarters of the Golani Brigade and the Egoz Unit 621 at Shraga barracks, located north of the occupied city of Akka, with precision.

This action marked Hezbollah's "deepest attack" into occupied Palestinian territory since the onset of the Gaza war on October 7.

The Lebanese Resistance group clarified that the operation was a direct response to Israeli aggression targeting the town of Adloun and the assassination of one of its fighters.

Hezbollah mourned the loss of its Resistance fighter Hussein Ali Azkoul (Hadi) from the town of Qalaway and a resident of Adloun, southern Lebanon. Additionally, the group announced the martyrdom of Muhammad Khalil Attiya, codenamed Sajid, born in 1994, from Qana and a resident of Sarafand in southern Lebanon.

Subsequently, the Islamic Resistance stated that its fighters attacked an assembly of Israeli occupation soldiers near the al-Assi site with appropriate weapons, achieving direct hits.

Reports from Al Mayadeen's correspondent in Lebanon indicated that assault drones launched from southern Lebanon targeted an Israeli military site in one of the coastal settlements, in an unprecedented operation.

Hebrew media outlets reported earlier instances of sirens sounding in the Upper al-Jalil area due to drone infiltrations, with interception missiles launched toward suspicious aerial targets in the skies of Nahariya. Sirens were also heard in numerous northern settlements, including Akka and Kiryat, where approximately 200,000 Israelis sought shelter.

On April 17, Hezbollah's guided missiles and attack drones targeted the headquarters of the newly created command of the Israeli reconnaissance company in the town of Arab al-Aramsha in northern occupied Palestine. The Israeli occupation military subsequently confirmed the death of a high-ranking reservist officer due to injuries sustained in the operation.

Hebrew media sources, including Israel Hayom, acknowledged the Israeli military's challenges in confronting and addressing Hezbollah's drone capabilities. (ILKHA)







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