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Take precautionary measures against the harmful effects of the sun

Attending Physician Füsun Bilgin Karahallı, who pointed out that people who are sensitive to the sun should be especially careful during these periods when the sun rays are strong, gave information about the effects of the sun on the skin, the diseases caused by the sun and the sun protective creams.

Sun rays have many important functions on the skin Bilgin stated, added that the realization in recent years on the negative effects of the sun emerged the need to protect the sun.

"Gamma rays, x rays, ultraviolet rays (UV), sunlight, infrared rays, radio waves, and microwaves are emitted from the sun," Bilgin said while continued that other than UV rays do not have an important effect on the skin because of their very small amounts of energy on the world. "It is the UV rays that affect directly on the skin".

Bilgin shared the knowledge that UV rays are divided into three subgroups among themselves, said: "UVA: can reach the dermis layer on the skin. It passes through the glass. It has redness (erythemogenic) and cancer-causing (carcinogenic) effects. It causes tanning."

"UVB: it is partially kept in the ozone layer. It does not pass through the glass. It has redness and cancer-causing effects such as UVA. It causes tanning."

"UVC: is absorbed in the ozone layer, does not reach the Earth."

Light skinned and children particularly should be protected

Saying that there are a number of factors that affect the damage caused by the sun's rays to the skin, Bilgin noted that the size of damage that may occur might be depending on the light or dark skin type of the person exposed to the sun effects. "A light-skinned person is more sensitive to sunlight".

"During the noon hours when UV rays are most intense, the rays result from exposure to the sun for a very long time, causing skin damage by making a cumulative effect on the body. Except for direct rays, also asphalt, sand and snow reflected rays damage the skin."

"The geographic area where the person lives; the equator or high altitude regions are also increasing the harmful effects of the sun's rays. Children are the group most affected by the sun's rays and need the most protection."

Saying that 60 percent of the UV reaches to the earth during the time from 11.00 to 15.00, Bilgin expressed that the effect of UV rays increase 10 or 12 percent in every 1000 meters above to the sea level. (ILKHA)

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