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Haniyeh: Hamas shoulders the responsibility towards the detainees
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In response to the member of the Jordanian Parliament, Khaleel Atiyeh who urged the movement to include the Jordanian prisoners held in israeli jails, Haniyeh emphasized that the movement works at all levels to free Palestinian and Arab detainees, including the Jordanians.

“We will not hesitate to shoulder our responsibility now and in the future in this regard,” Haniyeh added.

The top Hamas official mentioned that the negotiations team consists of the most qualified Hamas officials that are engaged in a thorough indirect negotiation with the Israeli occupation.

Haniyeh also called on the international community and organizations to fulfill their responsibilities towards the Palestinian detainees in Israeli occupation jails.

“They must pressure the israeli occupation to halt its aggressive policy inside the jails,” Haniyeh added.

He also hailed the steadfastness of Palestinians held in israeli jails. (ILKHA)

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