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HUDA PAR President Sağlam visits Sheikh Ethem Barzani

HUDA PAR President İshak Sağlam came to Erbil, the capital of the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government the day before to hold a series of contacts.

During his visits, Sağlam met with Sheikh Ethem Barzani, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK), Sulaymaniyah Regional Officer.

Speaking at a meeting in a warm and friendly environment, HUDA PAR President Sağlam underscored that the Kurdish nation has the honor together with Islam.

"If the Kurdish people embraced their religions, they had the glory"

Stressing that problems can only be solved with Islam, Sağlam further stressed that if there is any honor, it will be with Islam, not with ideologies such as socialism and communism.

"History is a witness; when the people of Kurdistan have embraced their religion for 1400 years, they have become free and honorable people. This is the only way we can find peace."

"Someone wants to remove the Kurds from their main characteristics by saying that 'Kurds should move away from their religion, customs and traditions'. The Kurds cannot be liberated in this way. We must be liberated with our religion, customs, and traditions," Sağlam said.

"Peace will not come to Middles East as long as the Kurdish issue is not solved"

By pointing to the 22nd verse of Al-Rum, from the Holy Qur'an, Sheikh Ethem Barzani noted that differences between languages cause people to approach each other. "Any nation is not considered as a nation without on its own land. Kurdistan land is a very large land."

Stating that peace will not come to the Middle East as long as the Kurdish issue is not solved, Mr. Barzani underscored that the Middle East has a strategic position in the world and if there is no peace in the Middle East then there is no peace in the world.  

Barzani wished success to HUDA PAR, "There are heavy burdens and responsibility on your shoulders. I wish you success." (ILKHA)

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