The Iraqi army reportedly launched an operation against Kirkuk

The Iraqi army reportedly launched an operation against Kirkuk

The forces affiliated with the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government have begun concentration against the possibility of the Iraqi army's operation against Kirkuk. International news agency AFP recently announced that the Iraqi army has launched an operation against Kirkuk.

In the statement made by the General Command of Peshmerga in Kurdistan about the situation in Kirkuk, it is called to the world, "Intl community and Coalition must understand left unaddressed the situation will lead to grave disaster. We're against violence & bloodshed."

Neither the Iraqi government nor the Kurdistan Regional government has yet made any comment on whether the operation started or not.

Kirkuk Governor Necmeddin Kerim made a statement last night about the movements in Kirkuk, "Peshmerga increased security measures in areas where they have power. I also met with the military leaders. Kurdistan Vice President Rasul Kosret and the Kurdistan Socialists Democratic Party Secretary-General Muhammad Haji Mahmud are in Kirkuk now. Kurdistan President Masoud Barzani asked about the situation in Kirkuk. We also gave information about those living in Kirkuk."

Kerim, "Kirkukians, Peşmerge and security forces are ready to defend Kirkuk shoulder to shoulder. We do not have a problem with our Iraqi troops. I hope that this situation will calm down because the war is a big damage for all of us. This is our country and our city, the forces here must be taken to their places as soon as possible."

The distance between the Peshmerga and the Iraqi army is 3 kilometers

Kurdistan Security Council is again announced yesterday that the Iraqi army and paramilitary forces are only 3 kilometers away from and their target is to seize oil fields in the region, the military base in the region and Kirkuk airport. (ILKHA)

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