'HUDA PAR is the grout of peace and brotherhood' Zekeriya Yapıcıoğlu says

'HUDA PAR is the grout of peace and brotherhood' Zekeriya Yapıcıoğlu says

HUDA PAR Chairman Zekeriya Yapıcıoğlu evaluated to ILKHA the results of the Constitutional Amendments referendum that to bring the Presidential Government System.

Stating that their party had a significant effect in determining the outcome of the referendum, Yapıcıoğlu wished beneficialness for the results.

Referring to many of the current problems can be resolved by prescriptions based on their party’s ideas and programs, Yapıcıoğlu said that Turkiye seriously needs HUDA PAR, which is considered as a grout of the brotherhood.

Pointed out to the effect of their party on the outcome of the referendum Yapıcıoğlu said, “Today, both sides-neutral have seen that HUDA PAR is a serious contributor and effect in these results. I explained in a few places in the propaganda period, ‘Having stated that the 18-point constitutional amendment will not only be supported by the party’s alignments but will be supported by the people's publicity. Who is a member, who voted for other parties but has not made a decision at this point, HUDA PAR will be a serious influence on the decision of those in the unsettled mass.’ HUDA PAR up to now has always prioritized the interests of the country when it coincided with their interests, they think the benefit of the country and that they think the interest of the nation and the country first.”

Yapıcıoğlu expressed that some messages emerged as a result of referendum and said “Citizens gave clear message and said ‘I do not give consent to the politics of the ditch and barricade, to the laying of bombs underground, violence, and reconsideration of conflicts.’ Especially in some cities where the conflicts raised and destructions have been experienced, the votes of ‘no’ were higher than ‘yes’ which gave a message to the Government. Message ‘I do not want violence as a method in solve of this issue. This issue is not an issue that can be solved with weapon. Also the issue hasn’t finished yet, we are expecting you to come up with a solution to this problem,’ was given to the Government.

“Nationalist discourses have not contributed positively to the votes of ‘yes’”

Yapıcıoğlu pointed out that the nationalist discourses did not contribute positively to the 'yes' votes, saying, “AK Party has made an alliance with the MHP, but in places where the MHP base is stronger, ‘yes’ it is not higher than the votes of the AK Party and the MHP. Sometimes two times tow does not quadruple. And it has revealed that sometimes two plus two equals to four, five, six and seven. The nationalist discourses of AK Party and President which they said ‘I will convince the MHP base,’ have not positively contributed to ‘yes’ votes. It is possible to derive all these results. The fact of ‘yes’ votes higher means: The government should be very careful. It should not make people regret those who voted ‘yes’.”

“Many of the problems can be solved with HUDA PAR's prescriptions”

Stressing that Turkiye needs HUDA PAR seriously, Yapıcıoğlu said, “HUDA PAR is the grout of brotherhood. If HUDA PAR’s program, philosophy dominate the country, many of the problems can be solved with the prescriptions suggested by HUDA PAR.

“Constitutional amendment should not fall from the agenda”

Yapıcıoğlu underlined that the Constitutional amendment should not fall from the agenda, and added, “We have stated that we will support this 18-item amendment package, we believe that more than 95% of the people want a totally new constitution and we must say that this new Constitution should be indigenous. We explained that we are supporting the change package with the hopes that it will open a door for a new, indigenous, civilian, libertarian constitutional.

“The nation do not have to adapt itself to the official ideology of the state”

'The new Constitution must be indigenous,' said Yapıcıoğlu and used the following expressions: “What do we mean by the indigenous constitution? It must be a constitution that is appropriate with the nation’s culture, religion, history. So far Constitutions were not an indigenous Constitution. Constitutions of the time were taken an examples from the Constitutions made in the West, maybe some of the materials were copied and translated from there, and put into effect in the country. We hope that those periods have been finished. The nation do not have to adopt itself anymore to the official ideology of the state. It is the state that should adopt itself with the ideology of the nation.”

“We are ready to make an indigenous constitution”

Yapıcıoğlu pointed out that every part of the society should be considered for the new constitution to be made, said, “As we have said it before, I repeat it once again: If the government on the construction of the indigenous constitution says ‘we cannot make this,’ then we say that we are willing to take this as a voluntary, we are ready to make a indigenous constitution. Everyone’s must say what they think about the constitution. It should be discussed for a long time. A new constitution must be made with a referendum. This process may take a long time, but when doing this, it should not be done with the parties that only have a parliamentary group. Even if there is a community of one hundred people, their ideas must be taken into account. Their rights should be guaranteed. Our belief is that, there is a system in which all people, regardless of which religion they belong to, are guaranteed freedom of belief and worship according to their beliefs. What is that system? That system is Islam, our religion, which assures five things. Secure of one’s life, possessions, generation, mind and religion. The state is there to secure them. These five basic freedoms are guaranteed, and if these rights are provided and protected by the state, the other issues are secondary. There will be an appropriate environment for absolute peace. For this, civil society has a great burden. Civil society should make serious efforts in the sense of Islamization of the society and continue by multiplying the effort they do until now.”

“Kurds want to continue living with their brothers”

Referring to the fact that the Kurds want to live together with the other people whom Islam has established them as brothers, Yapıcıoğlu said, “The President made a statement in Diyarbakır and said, ‘Kurdish issue is my problem,’ in 2005. Afterwards many legal regulations were made. Lastly, they put Non-conflict process they called it as Solution Process, started at the beginning of 2013. But it did not last very long. Later they said ‘there is no Kurdish issue’. First of all, it must be known that there is Kurdish issue a deeply rooted affair, social, political, cultural, economic, and public relations dimensions that should not be perceived only as a problem of public order or economic backwardness in a region. The most favorable ground for us is that our greatest wealth is the same religion of both Turks and Kurds.”

“Kurds want justice. Kurds really want to live brotherly together with the other people that Islam has made them brothers. They say ‘what is lacking what are the demands of Kurds?’ Then I answer them and say, ‘Kurds are asking their legitimate rights that Allah has given them, and if they want too much, they are out of the way. If these rights are the legitimate rights given to them by Allah, those who not giving their rights are doing great persecution.’ The Kurds really want to continue living together with their brothers and sisters, provided that they fulfill the necessity, but that brotherhood must be fulfilled with the law and it is justice.”

“There is nothing the EU can give to Turkiye”

Stating that the European Union has no benefit to Turkiye, Yapıcıoğlu said, “The European Union is seriously questioned in Turkiye. Propaganda in Europe and the practices put forward have also created a negative image about Turkiye at the mind of EU citizens. Social changes are not so fast, but these changes have taken place very quickly. This will take a very long time to be repaired. Is it necessary to repair it? Yes, it is not right for EU citizens to have a bad image at mind. Perhaps some steps need to be taken to repair them, but Turkiye should give up its EU dream as soon as possible. There is nothing the EU can give to Turkiye. Moreover, the European Union has no intention of taking Turkiye as a full member. If it does, it has no interest in Turkiye. The EU is a burden to Turkiye, a damage to Turkiye. The EU is collapsing. Turkiye should follow a clever policy and quickly move away from the EU if it does not want to fall under the wreckage of the EU that is collapsing. However, they must maintain commercial and human relations. When we say this, we do not intent 'cut the whole relation of Turkiye with the EU.” (M. Hüseyin Temel / M. Sıddık Bilge - ILKHA)

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