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Mehmet Göktaş emphasizes importance of being part of Islamic Ummah at Mawlid Al Nabi event
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The event, which had the theme of "Prophet Muhammad: The Most Beautiful Example," was held at Nevruz Park in the Bağlar district after a three-year hiatus due to the pandemic.

The program began with Sheikh Munir A. Cevad reciting the Holy Quran, followed by the reading of Mawlidi Sharif, which is poetry created to pay tribute to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The event also featured performances of hymns and marches by artists from Özlem Music Agency.

Mehmet Göktaş, the Honorary President of the Prophet Lovers Foundation, delivered a speech at an event celebrating Mawlid Al Nabi held in the southern Turkish province of Diyarbakir.

During his speech, Göktaş emphasized the importance of being a part of the Ummah of Muhammad, stating that there is no greater honor than this identity. He also added that being a member of the Ummah of Muhammad is more important than any passport or other identity.

In the beginning of his speech, Göktaş greeted the audience with the words, “May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you, dear Muslims and lovers of the Prophet. Greetings to the children of Saladin Eyyubi, the companions of Ahmed-e Xane, the followers of Halid-i Baghdadi, and the disciples of Molla Cezeri.”

He prayed that Allah would grant power to the descendants of Saladin to liberate Masjid al-Aqsa once again.

Mehmet Göktaş highlighted the city's significance as a place where the Prophet Muhammad has been revered for the last 20 years. He expressed a prayer for the gathering to be united under the banner of praise (LIWA'UL HAMD) and asked Allah to grant the children of Saladin the ability to liberate Masjid al-Aqsa once again. Göktaş emphasized the honor of being a part of the Ummah of Muhammad and said that this identity is more important than any passport or other form of identity.

“Right now, there is the love of the prophet-lovers all over Anatolia,” said Göktaş, adding that his words were not meant to please them, but to state the truth.

He mentioned that the love for the Prophet was widespread all over Anatolia, and even a small group of people could bring life and enthusiasm to a place in the name of Islam. He praised Diyarbakir for carrying such a great relic and said that they were lucky to witness an event like this, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Göktaş expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to gather around the love of the Prophet after a three-year hiatus due to the coronavirus, and prayed to Allah to grant them the chance to continue to celebrate Mawlid Al Nabi in the future.

“Prophet Muhammad sets an example for you, particularly in confronting disbelief and standing up against oppressors,” underlined Göktaş.

He continued: “He is the best father, the best grandfather, the best commander, judge, prosecutor. He sets the best example for everything. Additionally, in the Quran, the term 'Uswa Hasana' (a good example) is used three times, once in Surah Ahzab and twice in Surah Mümtahina. Let me tell you something here: this 'Uswa Hasana' mentioned in three places in the Quran, with reference to Ibrahim and Rasul, is the best example for you. Allah Almighty points to a particular subject in Surah Mümtahina, saying, 'O you who believe, do not take those who are my enemies and your enemies as your friends’.

“The more we resemble the Prophet Muhammad, the more the world embraces us”

Reminding that Muslims are the ummah of a prophet who had marks on his chest from sleeping on a mat made of palm fibers, Göktaş concluded his speech as follows: “This prophet was the head of the biggest state in the Middle East when the marks of the mat were on his chest and back. Today, the world is so in need of the Prophet's aspects of being on the side of the oppressed, the poor, and justice that we will bring this example. Who else will bring it if not us? Therefore, my dear brothers, let us not forget that the more we are attached to that Prophet, especially in family life, justice, trade, and measurement, the more we resemble Prophet Muhammad, the more the world embraces us. The world is waiting for us. The oppressed, the poor, those who have been wronged are waiting for us. Those whose sweat has been exploited are waiting for us. In order for them to wait for us, they need to see us. When they look at us, they should see the Prophet. Can they see it? Inshallah, if we live like the Prophet's life, they can see it. We have no other choice but to follow him and to be like him, to continue his life until the Day of Judgment. Why? Because Allah has made us a witness community. The Prophet is a witness over us. We will also bear witness over all of humanity. And with Allah's permission, the sign of this is Diyarbakır. This is the Newroz field. And Allah's light, which will spread to other places from here, will move on.” (ILKHA)



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