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HÜDA PAR: Turkey should be sincere in its reaction against the occupation regime

Şehzade Demir also made important observations on relations between Turkey and the zionist regime as well as the meeting of Sudan and the zionist regime in Uganda.

The humanitarian plight in Idlib

Pointing out that the humanitarian plight in Idlib, covered under an international "de‑escalation zone" agreement, is growing day by day, Demir said: "Since the agreement, more than 1800 civilians have been killed; the civil service centers such as hospitals have been targeted intentionally. The population of Idlib has reaches to 4 million due to internal displacement. Because of the attacks, 1 million 677 thousand people have had to immigrate to our border."

Demir urged international organizations to take action to secure a cease-fire in order to rescue the civilians who have been trapped in the engagement areas.
"In the country where the hope of political negotiation is about to be lost, the security of civilians should be ensured and those who commit war crimes by targeting civilian settlements and health institutions should be tried in the International Criminal Court, " he said.

He also wanted the international aid organizations to take action to provide civilians, who have fled from conflict zones and take refuge in the border, facing difficult winter conditions, with basic necessities of life.

"Otherwise, cold, epidemics and food crisis will cause inevitably the migrants to suffer from humanitarian disasters," he warned.

Turkey should be sincere in its reaction against the occupation regime

About relations between Turkey and the zionist regime, Demir said: "Netanyahu spoke on Turkey- zionist occupation regime relations, saying that despite the diplomatic tension between two countries, economic relations have increased in this period. His remarks have revealed a reality. Relations between Turkey and zionist gang deteriorated in the wake of the raid on the Mavi Marmara vessel carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza in 2010. Turkey imposed some diplomatic sanctions on the occupation regime. However, as a result of the senseless agreement reached in 2016, Turkey gave up its right to trial, acquitting the massacre of the occupation regime."

He went on to say: "Although the Turkish government has had some diplomatic reactions to the attacks of the occupation regime and the so-called "Deal of the Century", economic relations between Turkey and zionist occupation regime continue to increase day by day. Since 2010, exports between Turkey and the occupation regime have increased by 109 percent, while trade volume, which was 2 billion in 2014, reached 6 billion dollars in 2018. These figures reveal that Turkey is not sincere in its reaction against the occupation regime. All Islamic countries, especially Turkey, should end their diplomatic relations with the occupation regime as well as their economic relations and stop recognizing the terrorist state. The pressure of Muslim public opinion on the rulers of Islamic countries in this direction will prevent the execution of the treason plan."

The relations between Sudan and

Reminding that Gen Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, the head of Sudan's Transitional Sovereign Council met with zionist occupation regime Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Entebbe, Uganda, during a meeting organized by United Arab Emirates, Demir said: "The zionist occupation regime, which carried out normalization diplomacy with the countries of the region before the announcement of the century's treason treaty, has been conducting similar diplomacy with the African countries and is trying to increase its political and economic power. The zionist occupation regime, which has close ties with the UAE, is seeking to dominate the military coup process in Sudan, as in Egypt, stealing the popular revolutions with the support of collaborationist governments. The public reaction to this meeting is important in terms of demonstrating the illegal intervention of the occupation regime in Sudan politics."

 "The insolence of the occupation regime, which carries out military operations in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq and aims to turn the political process in favor, is due to the silence of Islamic countries. If the century's betrayal plan is put into practice with the cooperation of the countries of the region, the activities of the occupation regime threatening regional peace and stability will continue to increase."

He concluded as follows: "For this reason, it is inevitable that Palestinian resistance groups will come together, avoiding all internal conflicts. It is important that the countries of the region take steps to quickly end the normalization steps with the occupation regime and stop the policy of expansionism. In this respect, institutions such as the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation should carry out active works as pioneers. If Islamic countries can end their internal conflict, they will also pave the way for a focus on the Palestinian problem, which is the most important issue of the Islamic world." (ILKHA)

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