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"Palestinian cause facing liquidation through Deal of the Century"

The Association of Palestinians living abroad made a call to oppose the so-called deal of the century and boycott the Manama workshop in a press release in Istanbul.

The press release was made by the Palestinian conference Association, who live abroad, in a hotel located in Fatih district of Istanbul, Turkey.

The statement pointed out that the Palestinian cause is facing a new campaign of liquidation and perpetuation of the occupation by America through what is known as "The Deal of the Century" project.

"Donald Trump's administration biased towards the zionist entity is seeking to pass this deal to liquidate the Palestinian cause by targeting the issues of Jerusalem "al-Quds", refugees, UNRWA, settlement, sovereignty, and independence, and by criminalizing our people's resistance in sequential steps that violate the international law and ignore the international rejection," the statement read.

"In the face of these critical challenges to the Palestinian cause, we at the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad have been alerted early of the risks of this phase.

We have started our national movement since the establishment of this framework insisting on involving our people of all components residing in the homeland and the diaspora in the formulation of our national project through calling for the restructuring of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) as a framework for all Palestinians."

"We affirm that our people are united against the rejection of the liquidation projects of our just cause or against the rejection of any attempt to ignore them including the so-called "Deal of the Century" project.

We are confident that our people's cause will remain alive and present at the forefront and will overcome all the liquidation tireless attempts as it did before.

The struggle of our people will continue generation after generation and the honorable sacrifices won't stop until we achieve the victory of our cause and realize our hope of the entire liberation of the Palestinian land so we can return back home."

"We call to develop a coherent Palestinian strategy to confront the US administration’s project and to strengthen the Palestinian internal front in order to reinforce our people’s capacity to withstand the increasing pressure and to be free of the unjust agreements imposed on our people under the Oslo Accords and its political, security and economic burdens."

"We call to maintain the Palestinian rights adopted by the international community headed by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). We also urge the donor countries to increase their contribution in funding the UNRWA’s budget to continue providing its services for more than 6 million Palestinian refugees, and to save the agency from the liquidation project sought by the US administration after cutting off its funding, describing the agency with corruption, and calling it to redefine the Palestinian refugee."

"We call to address a unified Arab position in line with the escalating pressures against the Palestinian people and the Arab capitals in order to pass all the pseudo-schemes and titles such as "Deal of the Century" and the "Economic Peace" aimed at the liquidation of the Palestinian cause."

"We call to cancel the so-called “Manama’s Workshop” promoting the project of Trump’s administration with its false formal privileges and to refuse responding to it at any level. We also declare the absolute rejection of this path that serves only the Zionist occupation and its superiority in the region."

"We call to launch an international, Islamic and Arabic wave of solidarity supported by the free world with our Palestinian people who are facing attempts and pressures to isolate them, and who are being exploited for the sake of the liquidation of their cause. We urge all people, masses, parliaments and civil society organizations to raise their voice and develop their movements in the face of the Trump-Netanyahu project to liquidate the Palestinian cause and to stand in the face of the normalization policy aimed at empowering the occupation.

"We affirm that our Palestinian people at home and abroad continue to uphold their inalienable rights and refuse to bargain with them; as they rely on the power of their right, the justice of their cause and the legitimacy of their struggle and on the support of the rights and justice advocates and on the good hearts everywhere.

The Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad emphasizes the importance of the unity of the positions of all the Palestinian parties in rejecting the Deal of the Century, calling for the consolidation of the great return marches in the Gaza Strip and launching a mass popular uprising in Jerusalem and the West Bank to defeat the occupation, dismantle the settlements and bring down the "Deal of the Century" and move forward to liberate Palestine - all Palestine.

At the end of their message, Palestinians abroad said they pray for mercy on Palestinian martyrs, the speedy recovery of the wounded and they salute all the free people in the world wherever they are and the resistant heroes of Palestinian people.

"And we shall not forget the freedom of our brave prisoners," the statement said. (ILKHA)

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