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Turkey's students competing for university entrance exam

Approximately 2.5 million students attend the university entrance exam in Turkey began at 10.15 hours on Saturday morning.

The candidates, who came to the exam centers early morning, were taken in respectively. The gates of examination centers closed at 10: 00.

YKS examination will be held in 3 sessions as TYT, AYT, and YDT while all the sessions will be completed on Saturday and Sunday.

Candidates will be given 135 minutes for the session basic competency test of YKS 1.

YKS second session will be held on Sunday morning called TYT while students will be given 180 minutes for the exam.

The 3rd session of the exam will be on foreign language while students will race in 180 minutes.

When will the results of the YKS be announced?

According to the exam calendar published by OSYM [Student selection and placement center], the results of the 2019 university exam that to be held on June 15-16, will be announced on July 18, 2019. (ILKHA)

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