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Hamas condemns US Ambassador's statements on West Bank

The Hamas Movement has strongly denounced US ambassador David Friedman for saying the zionists have the right to annex parts of the occupied West Bank, affirming his remarks reflected "consistency with zionist's far-right vision."

In a press release, Hamas spokesman Hazem Qassem said that Friedman's remarks vindicated further the depth of the US administration's complicity in the aggression against the Palestinian people and their national cause.

Qassem stressed the need for a united Palestinian position to confront the US efforts to liquidate the Palestinian cause, calling on the Palestinian Authority leadership to leave the waiting square and take the initiative in confronting the deal of the century.

He called for responding to Friedman's remarks through giving the Palestinian resistance a free hand in the West Bank, which he described as the most targeted arena, and renouncing the policy of security coordination with the zionist occupation. (ILKHA)

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