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HUDA PAR President meets Turkmens in Iraqi Kurdistan

HUDA PAR continues to work in the Kurdistan region after the inauguration of its office in Erbil (Hewlêr), the capital of the Iraqi Kurdistan region.

HUDA PAR President İshak Sağlam, who was in Erbil for a series of contacts, visited the Turkmen Independence Movement (Party) on Sunday with the accompanying delegation.

İshak Sağlam and the accompanying delegation were welcomed by Şakir Üzeyiroğlu, the leader of the Turkmen Independence Party, and party vice-presidents.

During the visit in a warm and friendly atmosphere, Turkmens told HUDA PAR about the problems they experience.

"All parts of the Ummah are brothers"

"We say that all parts of the Ummah are brothers," Sağlam said during the conversation.

"Turkish, Kurdish, Arab, Persian, Circassian, Bosniak whatever they are brothers, they should not be separated from each other. All the Ummah must act together regardless of their tribe, part or movement," Sağlam said and noted that they must unite and strengthen.

Stating that people in America and Europe have killed hundreds of millions of people from each other but acting now like a single state, Sağlam further stressed that they sell their property to the Middle East to keep their companies up economically, to keep the arms industry up, and make people in the Middle East fighting each other.

"The West made us kill each other"

Noting that the power of Westerners stems from their unity, Sağlam said there is no power to resist the Middle East nations against the West because people in the Middle East are in separation.

"If we are one, if we are together, we will be a strong Ummah like 150-200 years ago."

"It is not right to forbid only for Kurds what is lawful to all peoples of the world"

Reminding that there are hundreds of states in the world Sağlam continued his talk: "There are 22 states under the name of Arab. There are 10-odd states of Turkish origin. Now all these states will be united and strong."

"Why it is legitimate for everyone to have a state but forbid for Kurds to establish a Kurdistan? We do not accept that. It is not right to forbid only for Kurds what is lawful to all people of the world."

"But we should not forget that we do not want a Kurdistan that is not alone and not acting with the Ummah. Islamic communities should solve their affairs peacefully. Fighting and warring are not solutions. There will be peace if Islamic communities come together because there are many reasons that bring Islamic communities together. "

"Kurds, Arabs and other nations should also have the same right that the Turks in Turkey have"

Sağlam pointed out that there are a few reasons that distinguish Islamic Ummah from each other. "If we unite, we will be strong and these problems will not be solved."

Comparing the situation of Turks in Iraqi Kurdistan Region and the Kurds live in Turkiye, Sağlam said: "Maybe you've solved a lot of problems right now. In other words, you are very comfortable now when we consider the problems of the Turks in Iraq with the Kurds and the problems of the Kurds in Turkey with the Turks."

"We say that Kurds, Arabs and other nations should have the same right that the Turks in Turkey have. Same, the Turkmens here must have the rights what the Kurds here have the rights."

"Islam is a religion of justice"

Sağlam underscored that it is very difficult to have justice in the absence of Islam.

"Islam is a religion of justice. We are trying to say that. If we protect our religion, our religion has given the rights of all tribes, all peoples, all classes. There will not any problem occur if we abide by these rights that Islam shares. (ILKHA)

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