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"If the US' economic hegemony is broken, its military strength cannot keep it alive"

Speaking to ILKHA's correspondent about the US sanctions policy against Iran, HUDA PAR Deputy Chairman Zekeriya Yapıcıoğlu drew attention that the US tries to make a regime change in Iran with the economic coup.

Stating that with the second leg of sanctions targeting Iran's oil, maritime transportation, and banking sector, Yapıcıoğlu added that the US has acted contrary to the international law, morality, and conventions.

Yapıcıoğlu, who says that global imperialism, is an insatiable monster who grows up to eat and wants more to eat as it grows, warned that those who consent to this lawlessness should fear the future for their turn.

Yapıcıoğlu stated that the US' control will be disabled if the EU countries and Iran's Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) can be an alternative to the SWIFT, the US-controlled global interbank network, and added that if this happens, the USA will enter the process of collapse.

"The US once again demonstrated that it cannot be trusted by withdrawing unilaterally from the agreement it signed in 2015"

Evaluating the US re-sanctions after withdrawn from the "Joint Comprehensive Plan of Actions", which also signed by the US in 2015, Yapıcıoğlu said, "The withdrawn of the US unilaterally from an international and multilateral agreement and re-imposing sanctions, which lifted by the agreement, shows the violations of international law and practices."

"In fact, in the current international system, some states, especially the United States, are trying to establish a way that the strong can 'violate the law when it requires the interests,'" he added.

Noting that Iran continues to fulfill all its obligations under the agreement signed by 7 countries and that all parties to the treaty and international institutions confirm this, Yapıcıoğlu stressed despite all these facts the US has decided to withdraw from the agreement by proposing a new 12-condition.

"This decision and implementation show that the US will not hesitate to take steps that may harm anyone for its interest," Yapıcıoğlu said. "The United States has once again demonstrated that it cannot be trusted by unilaterally withdrawing from this agreement, which signed 3 years ago, saying it is not in line with its interests." (ILKHA)

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