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Gold and dollar continue to rise against Turkish Lira
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The down of Turkish Liras against US dollar and gold continue since the US sanctions against some people and institutions in Turkiye.

While a dollar became 5,4034 against Turkish lira, a gram of gold broke the record and gained 211 TL. The euro has recorded as 6.2699 against TL.

With the rise of the dollar, the price of gold broke the record against TL as 211, which hit the highest level of all times in early hours of Thursday and lowered to 210 TL in mid-day.

The Turkish currency lost more than 30 percent against the greenback since the end of last year.

Experts expressed that the tension between Turkiye and US over the pastor Andrew Craig Bronson, sanctions against two Turkish minister and the trade with China cause the rise of the dollar against Turkish Lira and warned that the rise of the dollar will affect the value of the global market and that the increases will continue. (ILKHA)

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