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People of Batman demonstrate their love to the Prophet

People in Batman showed a mass participation to the Mawlid of Prophet Muhammad organized by Prophet Lovers Platform in Mawlid Site with the theme of "Understanding the Prophet Muhammad and Living His Sunnah".

Speaking to ten thousands of people, scholar, thinker and poet Mulla Mehmet Beşir Varol reacted to those against the Sunnah and said that Qur'an and Sunnah cannot be separated from each other.

Stating that as Muslims are the party of Allah and the Prophet, Mulla Beşir Varol said, "Thanks to Allah, we as Muslims are the party of Allah and Prophet. We are not the party of tyrants and unbelievers. Tyrants and unbelievers want to take people away from Islam. However, in this square, this nation has shown that they will not move away from the love of the Prophet and Islam."

Pointing out that the guide of the world, guide of humanity is the Prophet, Varol continued as; "This universe belongs to Allah. And the Prophet is Allah's prophet. Who follow the path of the prophets will reach their goals. History has shown us that those who followed Allah and His Messenger [Prophet] have become glorious."

Varol pointed out that Muslims are dominant on the earth when are connected to Islam and that the earth was in the hands of the Muslims: "We have seen this in Ayyubids, Seljuk and Ottoman times. We have lost everything we have got away from [Islam]."

10 messages announced in the event

Then Nurettin Teymur, one of the Platform Coordinators on behalf of the Platform of Prophet Lovers, read 10-point messages of the event.

The ten articles read by Teymur are as follows:

-To understand the Prophet; is to conceive the Qur'an by its essence and wisdom. It is to arrive at the purpose of the divine message purely and clearly. To live Sunnah; is to place divine consent at the center of all acts and behaviors. To love Allah is to love the Prophet [PBUH].

- To understand the Prophet; is that our beliefs, actions, ideas, and attitudes are compatible with Islam. It is to take refuge in Allah from human ideologies, non-Islamic thoughts, bid'ah, superstition and heresies.  To live Sunnah; is to take the right path and the path of Prophet in the right direction. Islamic responsibility is to lead with Muslims on every condition and ground and never tends to side cruelly.

- To understand the Prophet; is to fulfill the principle of "O Allah's servants, become brothers and sisters". This fraternity is only and only the brotherhood of Islam. To live Sunnah; is the construct brotherhood among Muslim.

- To understand the Prophet; it is to be adorned with His [PBUH] morality. To take his magnificent and tremendous morality as a principle in every field. His morality was the Qur'an. To live Sunnah; is to be equanimity in battle and in peace, in friendship and in hostility, in love and in hate.

- To understand the Prophet; is to be purified from racialism-based self-esteem. The racism, which is under the feet of the Prophet [PBUH], is ignorance. The concept of 'nation' of Islam means 'Ummah' with a pure and clear state. To live Sunnah; is to preserve the honor and endeavor of humankind, to preserve border of Allah. The Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] said: 'O People! Your Lord is one. Your father is one. All of you are the children of Adam, and Adam is from the soil.'

- To understand the Prophet; is to count sectarian comments and intellectual details as cultural wealth by being stick to the spirit of Islamic discourses. The sects are mediators. To make them as tools is ignorance. One of the biggest problems of the Islamic ummah is sectarianism and internal strife. To live Sunnah; is to build our future by taking signs from historical events.

- To understand the Prophet; is to show the fidelity of Islam's sincerity and sanctity. Masjid Haram, Masjid Nabawi, and Masjid Al-Aqsa are Muslims' indisputably blessed. To live Sunnah; is to keep Islam's conquest spirit and its glory alive.

- To understand the Prophet; is to open our heart to the message of Prophet says 'Your best; is the one, who is best towards its family." To live Sunnah; is to protect the duty that was abused in the ignorance bog. This precious trust is the mother who built the society. The value of the mother is paradise.

- To understand the Prophet; is to stand the most accurate always and at all times. To meet human rights even in extraordinary circumstances, which is by the Prophet's justice. To live Sunnah; is to preserve people's right to life, property, and honor. It is fardh for every Muslim to resurrect the divine message says, 'O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm for Allah, witnesses in justice, and do not let the hatred of a people prevent you from being just.'

- To understand the Prophet; is to stand with the entrusted Qur'an and Sunnah. Those both are the essence of the Islamic religion. Religion is clear and transparent with discourses. These discourses have been enriched with the ictihad [opinion] of companions of Prophet Muhammad and have reached to this day by the efforts of the scholars. To live Sunnah; is to follow the path of prophets, firm people, martyrs and the righteous. This way is the essence of the Islamic religion. The unchanging message of this path is "This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favor upon you and have approved for you Islam as religion." (Mehmet Sait Çelik / Tarhan İrtem - ILKHA)

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