Germany seeks for an alternative base to Incirlik

Germany seeks for an alternative base to Incirlik

As Turkiye does not allow German parliaments to visit Incirlik, Berlin is investigating the possibilities of new bases where German troops can be deployed. In this context, German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen is reported to visit Jordan on the weekend.

Minister von der Leyen from Christian Democratic Union party, said in a statement in Berlin on Wednesday: “In Jordan we will have on-the-spot inspections while meeting with King Abdullah. We will discuss this issue, the first meeting to be done,” Von der Leyen said a delegation on Tuesday would go to Jordan in a statement made by the federal German Parliament after the session on the Defense Commission.

Defense Minister von der Leyen expressed that Cyprus is among the alternatives as a place where German troops can be deployed. It is claimed that some of the alternatives to Incirlik Air Base are Amman-Jordan, Akrotiri-Cyprus, Dhekalia-Cyprus, Camp Doha-Kuwait.

Von der Leyen added that the German parliament will be informed about the results of the talks next week, stressing that “the German troops want to pay attention to continuing talks with the Turkish government' on Incirlik.

Turkiye did not allow German deputies to visit the federal army troops serving in the international coalition in Incirlik air base in Adana.

After the adoption of the Armenian genocide by the German Bundestag, Turkiye did not allow the German deputies to visit the Incirlik troops for a long time. The crisis, a delegation from the Defense Commission of the German Bundestag, was overtaken last year by a visit. There are about 260 soldiers in the German union in Incirlik.

Germany, which does not extradite the officers who are determined to be linked to the coup attempt took place in Turkiye, also hosts a large number of members of the judicial system of the FETO. Zekeriya Oz and Celal Kara are two names which German Justice Minister Heiko Maas said, “Definitely no extradition.” (ILKHA)

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