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Cataract project from European Orphan-Association in Chad

The European Orphan-Associatio, located in the German, city of Rheinfelden, continues to work on charity.

Finally, the European Orphan-Association, put a catatonic project into the life in the Chad Republic, has meet dozens of patients' surgery expense, who has lost sight of eyes. The poor patients who attained the ability to see again after surgery at Kouseri Hospital, expressed their gratitude to philanthropists for their assistance.

Hüseyin Ateş, European Orphan-Association Vice-President, stated that the cataract project initiated in Chad will continue. "As European Orphanage Association, we support our brothers in surgery and save them from darkness with the assistance of philanthropists. Donate us with 65 euros, let us fight against cataract. With a simple operation, let us be the light for the eyes of thousands of our brothers."

Why is cataract so common in Africa?

Due to the nutritional and climatic conditions in Africa, many people become cataract, lose their ability to see at a young age. In addition to the inadequacy of ophthalmologists and treatment options, many patients, especially in rural areas, have to live in the dark without surgery. It is said that 1 percent of Africa out of 1.05 billion people are visually disabled.

What is cataract?

Cataract, known as a disease that is more common among elderly people in the world, is said to have a blurred appearance by losing the transparency of the lens in the eye. The disease can lead to blindness if left untreated. (ILKHA)

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