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"This cause came to you with the wounds on the back of Habbab ibn Eret"

After Platform of the Prophet Lovers declared November as “companions month”, another commemoration and explaining organizations were held on the European and Anatolian sides of İstanbul under the name of " Fair Al-Farooq: Omar”.

Active participation observed in the organization which was held by Marmara Coordinator of The Platform of Prophet Muhammad in the Kadir Topbaş Cultural Center and Kagithane Cultural Center. 

One of the representatives of the platform, Isa Güvendik made a speech after the Quran recitation in two different programs on the European and Anatolian sides. 

Omar, broke grounds during his life, pointed Isa Güvendik, and said that Omar built mosques and madrasas during his caliphate.

Güvendik, "Omar has many firsts. Muharrem proclaimed by him as the beginning of the month as a new year for the first time for Muslims. He is also the first time immigrated openly and that the first time it is He called as ‘Emir’ül Müminin'. It is Omar performed Teravih prayer in the mosque with Muslims and He covered Holy Qur'an in the first time. There are so many firsts of Omar that we can’t count which registering an example to today's executives. Omar has loved the young people and the madrasas. During the caliphate period, according to the narrations, 4 thousand masjids were built. He build madrasas and Qur'an courses in many cities.”

Güvendik presents sections from the life of Omer, "One day Omar gathers young people and then call Habbab ibn Eret. Omar opens Habbab ibn Eret's back and says to the young men; this person has suffered a lot for Islam. Islam was not easily came to you. The religion of Islam endured many difficult situations until came to you. This cause came to you with the wounds on the back of Habbab bin Eret‘. If we live in Islam today and are praying comfortably, it is because there is an ordeal that some people are suffering for this cause."

The program continued with cinematography notation, and ended after the subject of justice understanding of Omar Theater performance. (ILKHA)

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