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Erdoğan and Sánchez vow joint efforts for Gaza ceasefire
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The leaders discussed enhanced military cooperation, defense industry relations, and the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict.

President Erdoğan emphasized the mutual commitment of Türkiye and Spain to resolving the Israel-Palestine conflict. "We, as Türkiye and Spain, will continue to work together for the resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict," Erdoğan stated.

Military and Defense Cooperation

Erdoğan acknowledged Spain's support since 2015 through air defense systems stationed in Türkiye, enhancing both national and NATO security. "I, on behalf of myself and my nation, once again thank our Spanish friends for their support," he said, expressing hope that this example would encourage other NATO allies.

EU Relations and Islamophobia

Erdoğan highlighted Spain’s steadfast support for Türkiye’s EU accession. He also expressed concerns about rising xenophobia and Islamophobia in Europe, exacerbated by recent European Parliament election outcomes.

Recognition of Palestine

Erdoğan praised Spain’s decision to recognize Palestine, calling it "of utmost importance" and expressing hope that other countries would follow Spain’s example.

Support for Ukraine

Erdoğan reiterated Türkiye and Spain’s strong support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity amidst the Russia-Ukraine war, advocating for a just and lasting peace through negotiations.

Call for Ceasefire in Gaza

Erdoğan stressed the importance of implementing the UNSC resolution for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. He urged UNSC members, particularly the US, to pressure Israel into a lasting ceasefire, aiming for peace in the region.

Critique of Global Power Dynamics

Referencing his book "A Fairer World is Possible," Erdoğan criticized the concentration of global power in the hands of five countries, specifically highlighting the US's support for Israel amid ongoing violence. He called for collective action against Israel's actions and stressed the role of media in raising awareness.

The summit underscored the strong bilateral relations between Türkiye and Spain, with both nations committing to collaborative efforts in addressing regional and global challenges. (ILKHA)

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