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Hezbollah launches unprecedented attack on Israeli positions
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The operations involved a joint missile and drone attack, hitting six barracks and military sites, including Zawara'ah depots, Kela'a barracks, Yoav barracks, Katsafya base, Nafah base, and an IOF battalion in Beit Hillel using Grad and Falaq missiles.

Simultaneously, the Resistance struck the Dado base (Northern Region Command HQ), Mishar base (Main Intelligence HQ responsible for assassinations), and Katsafya barracks (7th Armored Brigade under Golan Division 210) using combat one-way drones. All hits were confirmed successful.

In a subsequent operation, Hezbollah announced a second aerial attack using combat drones on Mishar base, targeting remaining intelligence centers inside, and simultaneously launched another drone attack on Katsafya barracks, achieving precise hits.

After monitoring Israeli forces, the Resistance targeted a military Humvee located at the Qadas Triangle (Yiftah-Yoshua) with a guided missile, directly destroying it and resulting in casualties. Using missile weapons, Resistance fighters targeted Roueisset al-Qarn in the occupied Shebaa Farms and the Ramtha site in Kfar Chouba's hills, achieving direct hits.

The Resistance emphasized that these operations are in support of the Palestinian people in Gaza and bolstering their resistance. They also noted that the attacks on Israeli barracks and sites were part of retaliation for the recent assassination carried out by the occupation in Jwayya town.

During ongoing operations, the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth confirmed that Hezbollah's actions since last weekend not only demonstrated the strength of their precision weapons amassed since the 2006 war but also revealed their calculated priorities in selecting Israeli military targets.

Moreover, Israeli media reported an unprecedented attack today involving 150 rockets, drones, and anti-tank missiles, lasting half an hour in northern occupied Palestine. The situation remains volatile as the international community watches closely. (ILKHA)

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