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German Chancellor reiterates unwavering support for Ukraine in call with Zelensky
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The leaders covered the political, military, and humanitarian situation in the country, with Zelensky updating Scholz on the recent Russian missile attacks and expressing gratitude for Germany's military aid, particularly its contributions to bolstering Ukraine's air defenses.

Chancellor Scholz reiterated Germany's unwavering support for Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression. He assured Zelensky that Germany would continue to provide military assistance in close collaboration with European and international partners.

Both leaders agreed to finalize negotiations on coordinating bilateral security commitments and to support the implementation of the G7 Joint Declaration issued in July 2023. This declaration outlined the G7's commitment to providing political, financial, and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.

Scholz and Zelensky concluded their call by agreeing to maintain close contact as the situation in Ukraine continues to develop. This ongoing communication underscores the importance of the partnership between Germany and Ukraine in the face of the ongoing conflict. (ILKHA)

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