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Arab League urges ceasefire and UN intervention over ongoing genocide in Gaza Strip
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The meeting, held at the request of Palestine and at the level of permanent representatives, focused on israeli war crimes, diplomatic efforts, and steps taken to halt the aggressions.

During the session, the council addressed the systematic destruction of Palestinian infrastructure, daily incursions into cities, villages, and camps, as well as the killing and injury of hundreds of Palestinians. Palestine's Permanent Representative to the Arab League, Ambassador Mohannad Aklouk, highlighted the urgency of the situation, pointing to the inhumane circumstances surrounding the detention of thousands of Palestinians and the demolition of their houses.

In a statement issued at the conclusion of the meeting, the Arab League Council called on the United States to take a position consistent with international law and humanitarian principles. The council urged for a complete and sustainable ceasefire, demanding Israel to cease its aggression, withdraw from the Gaza Strip, and lift the imposed siege. Additionally, Israel was called upon to halt its plans for forced displacement of Palestinians.

The Arab League Council also called on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to intervene, criticizing its non-indifference and failure to uphold responsibilities in preserving international security and peace. The council urged the UNSC to adopt binding decisions to address the systematic crimes committed by the israeli occupation, which pose threats to international peace and security.

As a response, the Council decided to establish an ad hoc Committee consisting of permanent representatives and the Secretariat General to examine potential Arab measures at legal, economic, political, and diplomatic levels. The goal is to activate and implement resolutions against Israeli aggression.

Emphasizing their commitment to prevent a repetition of the Nakba scenario in 1948, the Council pledged to take necessary political, diplomatic, legal, and economic steps to thwart Israeli plans for forced displacement. Collusion or cooperation with such plans was condemned, and the Council warned that any state or entity tolerating them would be complicit in the crimes against international law.

The Council called for the swift implementation of UNSC Resolution 2720, urging countries exporting arms to Israel to refrain from doing so. Additionally, it called for legal measures against nationals fighting in the israeli army.

Expressing appreciation for states referring the situation in Palestine to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the Council urged more referrals to ensure justice for victims. The call to enlist Israeli colonial organizations as terrorist entities and impose travel bans on israeli colonists was reiterated.

Permanent representatives underscored that the only path to regional security, stability, and peace lies in enabling the Palestinian people to achieve freedom and independence. This involves ending the israeli occupation, with East Jerusalem as the capital, and allowing the State of Palestine to exercise full sovereignty over its territory and people's legitimate rights. (ILKHA)

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