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HÜDA PAR announces mayoral candidates for local elections in Türkiye
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The unveiling took place at Edremit Application Hotel during an introduction programme led by HÜDA PAR Chairman Yapıcıoğlu.

The presentation included the introduction of the mayoral candidates for Van Metropolitan Municipality, Bitlis and Ağrı, as well as the candidates for eight districts in the upcoming 2024 local elections.

The officially announced candidates are

 - Van Metropolitan Mayoral Candidate Mehmet Mehdi Oğuz

- Bitlis Mayoral Candidate Cengiz Karakaya

 - Ağrı Mayor Candidate Muhammet Arif Yılmaz

- İpekyolu District Mayoral Candidate Bedri Bor

- Tuşba District Mayoral Candidate Faruk Tasan

- Muradiye District Mayoral Candidate Kazım Bilici

- Hani District Mayoral Candidate İhsan Yaşar

 - Kovancılar Mayoral Candidate Metin Suiçer

- Üçocak Mayoral Candidate Semih Adal

- Karlıova Mayoral Candidate Yavuz Bingöl

- Dargeçit District Mayoral Candidate Abdurrahman Seyhan.

HÜDA PAR, known for its Islamic conservative ideology, seeks to gain electoral influence in local elections by fielding candidates in various regions.

The party’s performance in the upcoming elections will be closely watched to gauge its potential growth and political standing.

The announcement marks a significant step in the lead-up to the local elections, where voters will decide on their preferred representatives for municipalities and districts. (ILKHA)

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