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Gaza welcomes New Year with rockets aimed at 'Tel Aviv'
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The defiant act was met with cheers and applause from the people of Gaza, who have endured an 87-day-long genocidal war perpetrated by the Israeli occupation.

Reports from Hebrew media outlets indicated that a total of 27 rockets were launched from Gaza during the night, with 18 intercepted and 9 landing in the Palestinian territories occupied in 1948. Despite the Zionist occupation forces' efforts to undermine the resistance's infrastructure in Gaza, Hamas demonstrated persistent capabilities in threatening Israeli settlements in the mainland of occupied Palestine.

Earlier claims by a zionist occupation forces (ZOF) spokesperson suggesting a weakening of Hamas' artillery potential were refuted as the resistance fired dozens of rockets, challenging the reported decrease in their capacity.

Commenting on the situation, Boaz Golan, founder of the 0404 news website and a presenter on Channel 14, emphasized the need for a reassessment, stating, "Hamas continues to launch rockets; it's time to stop humiliating ourselves!"

In a separate development, the zionist occupation forces reported the deaths of two reservists. A Sergeant Major of the Yifatch Brigade's 7810th Combat Engineering Battalion and a Sergeant First Class of the 7107th Combat Engineering Battalion were killed in the central and northern Gaza Strip, respectively.

Al-Qassam Brigades and al-Mujahideen Brigades announced a joint operation targeting an israeli Apache helicopter with an SA-7 shoulder-fired surface-to-air missile. The operation took place in the al-Zeitoun neighborhood in Gaza City, according to the Brigades' statement on Sunday afternoon. (ILKHA)

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