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Charitable organizations join forces to aid earthquake-affected Zinda Jan in Afghanistan
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This natural catastrophe unleashed a series of powerful earthquakes that wrought extensive destruction in the Zinda Jan region. The aftermath left many residents without adequate shelter, compounded by the onset of a severe storm that exacerbated the dire situation.

Swiftly recognizing the gravity of the crisis, four sister aid organizations, including the Orphans Foundation, European Orphan Hand, Hope Caravan, and IHO EBRAR, mobilized their efforts. Their primary focus is on establishing container cities, which are indispensable for fulfilling the shelter requirements of earthquake victims.

The organizations have been working tirelessly to coordinate the delivery of aid generously provided by donors, as the region braces for harsh winter weather. Ensuring that affected individuals have suitable shelter remains a top priority.

In light of assessments carried out in the Siya Ab and Nabi Rafi villages of Zinda Jan, the four organizations have embarked on the establishment of a new container city. These containers, procured from Herat city center and funded by philanthropists, are currently en route to the earthquake-affected area.

The Zinda Jan district bore the brunt of this disaster, resulting in the complete destruction of 23 villages and leaving tens of thousands of people profoundly affected. While the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is actively engaged in constructing permanent housing, international aid organizations, with a significant presence from Türkiye, are diligently addressing food, hygiene, health, and shelter needs.

The path to recovery and resilience in the Zinda Jan region has begun, with the unwavering dedication of these aid organizations playing a pivotal role in helping survivors regain their footing amidst the challenges they face. (ILKHA)

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