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Yasin Börü and his friends commemorated in Diyarbakır
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The event, which took place at the Selahaddin Eyyubi Mosque Conference Hall and was hosted by Fatih Taş, began with the soul-soothing recitation of the Holy Quran by ITTIHADUL ULEMA member Ömer Akgül.

The event continued with heartfelt hymns performed by Özlem Agency artists, creating a somber yet reflective atmosphere. The participants then watched a slide show shedding light on the lives and sacrifices of the martyrs.

Mahmut Kılıç, a respected researcher and writer, delivered a speech in Kurdish during the event. He underscored the historical resilience of the Islamic cause, emphasizing its endurance over 1400 years, sustained by the blood of martyrs.

Kılıç passionately highlighted the treacherous murder of Martyr Yasin and his friends, characterizing them as courageous individuals who disrupted the schemes of world imperialists with their ultimate sacrifice.

“9 years ago in Diyarbakır, these brave men were martyred at the hands of traitors. These brave ones foiled the conspiracies of world imperialists with their blood. Because world imperialists had hatched plots in the region. The world imperialists are well aware that the Kurdish people are Muslims and will lead the Ummah," expressed Kılıç.

He continued by asserting that martyrdom is not a loss but rather a triumph, filled with love, hope, and victory. Kılıç emphasized the profound role of martyrs in nourishing the Islamic tree with their blood, likening them to the heart of the Ummah. He drew parallels between martyrs and vital organs of the body, asserting that without them, the body cannot function properly.

Addressing the youth, Kılıç called upon them to continue the cause of the martyrs, acknowledging that their efforts could awaken many people. He recounted the tragic events in Diyarbakır, stating: "The massacre of these traitors surpassed the savagery of the Meccan polytheists. They martyred these young people with great brutality. We are no strangers to this. Because our history is decorated with martyrdom."

"The cause of Islam is extinguished without martyrs. Look at the path of martyrs. Look at the jihad in Afghanistan, look at the Chechens. Look at the path of Palestine. Look at the path of Kurdistan. Jihad was exciting and work was good because the Caravan of Martyrs never stopped in any era. The voice of Islam is rising in these lands," he continued.

Kılıç encouraged the youth to protect the cause left by the martyrs, emphasizing their responsibility to carry it forward with sincerity, obedience, and taqwa (piety). He concluded by expressing that by doing so, they would fulfill their duty towards the martyrs.

The commemorative event aimed to honor the memory of Yasin Börü and his friends who lost their lives in the PKK/HDP-related violence in Diyarbakır on October 6-8, 2014.

The event provided a platform for reflection, remembrance, and a call to action for the youth to carry the torch of the martyrs and safeguard the principles they stood for. (ILKHA)

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