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Mother and 5 children missing as car plunges into canal in Türkiye’s Şanlıurfa
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The accident occurred near the rural Ulubağ Neighborhood at the 15th kilometer of the Şanlıurfa-Viranşehir highway, according to local reports.

Amidst the chaos, the father, who was behind the wheel, managed to escape the vehicle using his own means. However, the mother and her five children were tragically swept away by the powerful current and are currently reported as missing.

Upon receiving notifications from eyewitnesses, an extensive response effort was rapidly mobilized. Numerous gendarmerie, health personnel, AFAD (Disaster and Emergency Management Authority), and diver police units swiftly arrived at the scene.

Their primary focus shifted towards launching a thorough search and rescue operation to locate and retrieve the mother and her five children, who were still submerged in the water, caught in the relentless current. (ILKHA)

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