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Afghan Deputy PM meets with UN special representative in Kabul
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Mawlawi Kabir welcomed her and congratulated her on her new mission said that the Islamic Emirate appreciates the UNAMA role and mission in improving Afghanistan’s relations with the international community.

Deputy PM asked for more humanitarian aid and cooperation of UN ahead upcoming of winter.

For her part Ms. Otunbayeva praised the efforts of the Islamic Emirate’s Contact Commission inviting former ex-government officials to the country.

Otunbayeva vowed to attract more humanitarian aid for Afghanistan, asked the IEA to provide ground opportunities for women work and education.

She termed the freedom of speech an important tool toward builds strength relationship between the nation and the government.

Kabir said that 500,000 officials and professionals of the ex-administration are working in the organs.

Deputy Prime Minister said the administration council and the cabinet meeting give advice to the leadership of the Islamic Emirate on major issues, and forming a large council of advisory is underway. (ILKHA)

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