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Hamas: All forms of resistance "legitimate" to restore usurped rights
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The Hamas Movement has said that “the practical apology to the Palestinian people over the shameful Balfour Declaration is when the Palestinian refugees return to their homes and areas they were expelled from, receive support for their right to freedom and independence, and are compensated for what has happened to them.”

Hamas underlined that the Palestinian refugees’ right to return to their homeland and homes is “an inalienable legitimate and legal right” enshrined in international and UN laws, and it cannot be waived or bargained over.

It underscored that “all forms of struggle, whether popular or armed resistance, will remain a legitimate option that proved their viability on the ground and they will not be given up until the Palestinian people restore their usurped rights and expel the occupation from their land.”

“104 years have passed since Balfour committed his crime when he pledged to the Zionists a homeland in Palestine, the land to which he has no right or place, and since then the Palestinian people have been suffering from displacement, land theft, killing and detention, Hamas said. (ILKHA)

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