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Mishaal: We should lead humanity by practicing the moral excellence of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
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“International Organization to Support the Prophet of Islam” was inaugurated on Tuesday with a ceremony in Istanbul, Turkey's most populous city as well as its cultural and financial hub.

Many prominent Islamic scholars, politicians, and academicians across the world, including Khaled Mishal, the head of Hamas' political bureau abroad, Enver Kılıçarsan, the head of İTTİHADUL ULEMA, Abdulvahap Ekinci, the president of the International Islamic Scholars Organization, and Mehmet Görmez, the head of Institute of Islamic Thought, attended the event, which was held in the Bağcılar district.

Starting his speech by stating that he was honored to be in the program, Khaled Mishaal said: "What an honor it is to be here to have the honor of helping our Prophet. How can we not support the prophet against his teaching us about Allah? He guided us towards Allah, introduced Him to us and made us love Allah. If it were not for our Master, Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasellam), we would not be able to fully know Allah in any way other than what our nature shows us. How can we not take care of him when he has given us the greatest gift of the Qur'an? How can we not help the prophet on whom we rely? We are the Ummah of Muhammad. How can an ummah not help their prophet even though they are proud of him? How could we not take care of our Prophet when he was the most valuable and greatest among people? How can we not support our Master, who is the most exalted and best of all, while people stand behind and support those who have greatness, those who are like them, and even those who are not! This is our responsibility.”

“We support the Prophet by being harsh towards the disbelievers and merciful among ourselves”

Pointing out that one of the most important questions is how to help our prophet, Mishaal said, "We can support him by following his sunnah and his way. As a matter of fact, it is stated in the verse of the Quran, 'If you love Allah, follow me and Allah will love you'. By not abandoning the Qur'an, we will support him. As a matter of fact, we will not cause our master to complain on the Day of Judgment by saying, 'My Lord, my people have abandoned the Qur'an'. By being harsh towards the disbelievers and merciful among ourselves, we support the prophet.”

“We must apply the sunnah of consultation, which is valued by our Prophet, in all areas of our lives”

Reminding that believers should be mild-tempered towards each other, Mishaal said, "Our Lord has said that a person cannot be considered a believer unless he wants for his brother what he wants for himself. We should not be harsh and uncompromising among ourselves, but weak towards others. As our Prophet said, 'the best people who initiate greetings among themselves are the best ones'. We should imitate the gentleness, mercy, and kindness of our Master. In the verse of the Qur'an, it is said, ' Such a prophet has come to you from among you and your distress will be hard for him. He is very fond of you. He is full of compassion and mercy towards believers.’ We must have a leadership mentality that is compassionate and gentle with others. We should support our prophet by replacing this in our lives. In our daily life, in our countries, in our structures, and in our Islamic movements, even if our members do not think like us, we should practice it. The verse states, 'Due to Allah's mercy, you were gentle with them. If you had been rude and hard-hearted, they would surely have dispersed from around you. Forgive them, ask forgiveness for them. Consult them about a job'. The Messenger of Allah consulted with them everywhere. As a matter of fact, when his Companions opposed him in Uhud, he gave importance to consultation despite everything and applied what was necessary.

“We too should put consultation into practice in our lives and do whatever it takes to get it deep within our institutions,”  he said.

“Muslims can become stronger and protect their sacred values”

Saying that Muslims should get stronger and support our Prophet, Mishaal continued his speech as follows:

Let’s be strong believers.  As a matter of fact, our Prophet said, ‘A strong believer is more beloved to Allah than a weak believer’.  As long as we are strong, we will have a certain authority.  ‘Make preparations against them with whatever force you can.’ Thus, let us frighten the enemies of Allah so that they do not see us as weak and dare to oppose our holy and our principles. Our most important duty in protecting our Prophet is to be strong.  In this way, we can liberate our lands, our homeland, and our sacred things.  Our most important duty in protecting our Prophet is not to leave the blessed lands where he went to Isra and Miraj under the occupation of the Zionists.  How can we enjoy our lives when the third most important mosque in the Islamic world is under occupation? With our support to our Prophet, we should strive to liberate it. 

“Let’s protect our own path and principles, but let’s not hesitate to open up to humanity through mercy”

Emphasizing that Muslims can take care of the prophet as a single ummah, standing where Allah will be pleased all over the world against the enemies of Islam, and this is the main success, Mishaal concluded his speech as follows: “By Allah's leave, our ummah is on the path of goodness.  By Allah's leave, we will defeat the bandits who act boldly against our religion, our prophet, and our holy things in the worst way possible. Do not think that what is happening is evil for yourself.  Indeed, there is good in it for you.  They have awakened faith, dignity and resistance in us.  By Allah’s leave, this weakness we are in is an exceptional situation and will pass.  The Islamic Ummah will get through this with goodness.  As a matter of fact, the Turkey state, on whose territory we are located, is the beginning of the Islamic Ummah’s revolt and its attainment of goodness. However, we want the entire Islamic Ummah to be strong by Allah's leave.  This is the way we support the prophet in ourselves, in our lands, in our homeland, in our jihad, in our ideas and in our opening to humanity.  Let's not be stuck in ourselves, let's not be rigid.  Let's protect our own path and principles, but let's not hesitate to open up to humanity through mercy. By Allah’s leave, then we will succeed in being superior and put our cultural position ahead of all humanity.  If we continue with mercy, not harshness, we will, by Allah’s leave, fulfill our covenant with Allah and His Messenger.  In this way, we protect the legacy he left us.  Indeed, this is real greatness.  The companions of Prophet Muhammad and who followed this path were able to liberate Palestine and hold its keys.  They have left a glorious future for those who come after them.” (ILKHA)

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