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Zionist forces, settlers defile Aqsa Mosque, assault Muslim worshipers
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The police forces savagely attacked the worshipers inside the Mosque’s prayer buildings and courtyards, showering them with tear gas and stun grenades, beating others with clubs, and firing shots.

Amid religious chants, the worshipers hurled stones, empty bottles, shoes, and plastic chairs at the forces.

According to the Red Crescent, many worshipers suffered injuries during the police attack on the holy site.

At the time of reporting, the spokesman for the Red Crescent Mohamed Fetyani said that the zionist police were still barring ambulance crews from entering the Aqsa Mosque compound to help and evacuate the wounded citizens.

Fetyani added that ambulance crews would enter the Mosque immediately if they were allowed in.

According to local sources, the occupation police seek to expel all the Palestinians from the Mosque in order for Jewish settlers to defile the site freely to mark what they call the temple destruction.

Last night, police officers assaulted a group of Palestinian youths and arrested some of them after they gathered near Bab al-Amud area in the Old City of Jerusalem and stood in the face of a horde of extremist Jewish settlers who rallied provocatively in the area.

The police also erected dozens of road barriers across the Old City’s streets, including in Bab al-Amud, and imposed movement restrictions on the local residents. (ILKHA)

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