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Egyptian court rules to release 9 prominent figures of Brotherhood

In Egypt, the court decided to acquit the 9 senior executives, including Muhammad Badie, President of the Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Council.

Giza Appellate Court acquitted Mohamed Badie, Muhammad Al-Beltagy -father of martyr Asma Al-Beltagy-, Essam Al-Arian, former supply minister Bassem Avde, Safwat Hegazy as well as four other members of Brotherhood in the case of "Istikama Mosque".

The court accepted the appeal by the defendants and ruled for the release.

The defendants were initially sentenced to death in 2014 by the same court before it later commuted the sentences to life imprisonment. 

As it can be remembered, after the military coup on July 3, 2013, in Egypt, 9 people were killed and several people were injured in the incidents took place in the vicinity of the Istikama Mosque in Cairo on July 22. (ILKHA)

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