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Muslim scholars urges Tajikistan to respect Islamic identity and religious freedom
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The Union issued a statement criticizing the measures taken by the Tajik government, which include banning the headscarf, preventing children from celebrating Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, imprisoning religious preachers, and closing hundreds of mosques.

The IUMS expressed deep sorrow and concern over these actions, drawing parallels to historical attempts to suppress Islamic identity in countries like Iran during the Shah's reign, Turkey under Mustafa Kemal, and the Soviet Union. The Union emphasized that such oppressive policies have historically failed and led to chaos, backwardness, and conflicts rather than progress.

The IUMS called on Tajik officials to change their policies, respect Islamic fundamentals, and grant the Tajik people the freedom to practice their religion. Highlighting the significant contributions of the Tajik Muslim community to Islamic civilization, even under communist rule, the Union urged the government to embark on real reforms, practical construction, and comprehensive development.

The statement underscored that true civilization is built on science, justice, conviction, responsible freedom, and creativity—not on injustice, tyranny, and dictatorship. The IUMS reminded the Tajik government that Allah is aware of the actions of the unjust, quoting: "Do not think that Allah is oblivious to what the unjust do."

The International Union of Muslim Scholars concluded by calling on the Tajik government to retract its recent decisions and start respecting the Islamic identity and freedoms of its people. (ILKHA)

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