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Iraqi airstrikes target ISIS hideouts in eastern Salahaddin, kill seven including key leader
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The operation, planned by the Joint Operations Command and executed by Iraq’s national intelligence service in coordination with the counter-terrorism service, focused on the "most important" ISIS detachment in the Palkana mountains near Tuz Khurmatu, according to the statement.

"F-16 aircraft carried out two airstrikes, destroying the hideouts and a tunnel, resulting in the elimination of all members of the terrorist detachment," the media cell stated, based on initial information confirming the death of seven ISIS members.

ISIS gained control of large areas of Iraq during a bold offensive in 2014 but was officially declared defeated territorially in 2017 when Iraqi and Kurdish forces, supported by a US-led international coalition, reclaimed territories from the jihadists.

Despite losing territory, ISIS remains a significant security threat through sporadic attacks, bombings, and kidnappings across several provinces, particularly in disputed areas between the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), spanning Diyala, Salahaddin, and Kirkuk.

Iraq's air force routinely conducts operations to track and strike ISIS hideouts nationwide, focusing efforts on areas where the group continues to pose a threat, including the disputed regions. (ILKHA)

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