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Yemeni forces strike Israeli-linked ship, force USS Eisenhower's retreat
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The YAF's Navy targeted the Transworld Navigator bulk carrier, an Israeli-affiliated ship that violated an embargo imposed by Sanaa on the Israeli occupation. Several anti-ship ballistic missiles were fired at the vessel, achieving direct hits. This attack follows previous warnings issued by Yemeni Armed Forces to shipping companies violating the naval blockade.

In a separate operation, the YAF's Rocket Forces attacked the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier in the northern Red Sea, firing a series of ballistic and cruise missiles at the vessel. This prompted US officials to order the carrier's return to Norfolk, Virginia, as reported by the US Naval Institute’s news service, citing an anonymous official.

The Eisenhower, flagship of the American Carrier Strike Group 2, had already been attacked twice in late May and early June. It will be replaced by another aircraft carrier, with the USS Theodore Roosevelt currently operating in the Pacific as a potential replacement.

General Saree reiterated that the Yemeni Armed Forces will continue their operations in support of the Palestinian people until the blockade on Gaza is lifted and ongoing Israeli massacres in the besieged territory cease. He stressed that any hostile foreign vessels in the Red Sea and Arabian Sea would be targeted in response to aggressions against Yemen.

The YAF’s actions reflect ongoing regional tensions and highlight the strategic military operations being conducted by Yemen in maritime conflict zones. (ILKHA)

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