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Prophet’s Lovers Foundation holds rally in Diyarbakır in support of Palestine
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The most recent event took place Friday evening at the Yenihal Bridge intersection in front of Ceylan Karavil Park, situated in the Kayapınar district.

The demonstration witnessed a substantial turnout, with participants expressing solidarity with the people of Gaza.

The event began with a greeting speech by Ramazan Tekdemir, the Provincial Head of the Confederation of Public Servants Trade Unions (Memur-Sen). Tekdemir emphasized the resilience and steadfastness of Palestinians in Gaza, who continue to resist despite immense challenges.

"Our brothers and sisters in Gaza are not backing down from their struggle at any cost," Tekdemir stated, highlighting their honor and faith in the face of adversity.

Tekdemir criticized what he described as Zionist Israel’s policy of massacre in Gaza, attributing it to Zionist theology. He condemned the Western influence on Muslims, urging them to reject Western lifestyles and to understand the true nature of the Palestinian struggle. He emphasized that the resistance in Gaza is driven by a higher purpose and a commitment to faith and justice, not material gains or worldly desires.

"Our Gaza vigil continues uninterrupted because the massacre in Gaza continues unabated. Zionist Israel is pursuing a policy of massacre in Gaza, derived from Zionist theology," Tekdemir said. He called for a broader boycott of Israeli goods, urging Muslims to incorporate the boycott into all areas of their lives as a form of resistance. "We need to spread and carry the boycott to all areas of our lives," he added.

Tekdemir also highlighted the need for Muslims to adopt a new identity aligned with Islamic values, rejecting the superficial identity imposed by the West. He called for a return to the principles outlined in the Quran and Hadith, emphasizing religious brotherhood over racial or national affiliations.

"A Muslim is the brother of a Muslim. He does not oppress him, he does not do injustice to him, he does not hand him over to the enemy! Therefore, anyone who takes a position on the side of Israel by selling oil, making agreements, developing, and deepening relations is not our brother," Tekdemir asserted.

Following Tekdemir's speech, Habip Akdoğan delivered a press statement on behalf of the Prophet’s Lovers Foundation, condemning the continued violence and human rights violations in Gaza. Akdoğan detailed the atrocities committed by Israeli forces since October 7, including indiscriminate attacks on hospitals, civilian areas, places of worship, and aid centers. He highlighted the severe humanitarian crisis in Gaza, where thousands of innocent civilians, mostly women and children, have lost their lives.

Akdoğan called for immediate international action to stop the violence and hold the perpetrators accountable. He emphasized that mere condemnation is insufficient and urged Islamic countries and other international actors to implement concrete measures, including political, diplomatic, and military actions, to end the atrocities. "To stop the Zionist atrocities, stop condemnation messages and take steps to actually stop this atrocity!" Akdoğan declared.

He also pointed out that the Zionist regime uses hunger and poverty as weapons against the civilian population, aiming to force another mass migration similar to events seventy years ago. "The Zionist terrorist regime is using hunger and poverty as weapons against the civilian population," Akdoğan stated, describing the dire situation at the Rafah border crossing, which has been closed, preventing humanitarian aid from reaching those in need.

Akdoğan addressed leaders of conscience worldwide, urging them to take decisive action to stop the atrocities. "Stop condemning the Zionist atrocities! Immediately take steps to stop this atrocity without wasting time!" he implored. Akdoğan called for military, political, economic, and diplomatic pressure to be exerted on the Zionist regime to end the humanitarian crisis and open the Rafah border crossing.

The event concluded with a protest in front of a local Starbucks branch, known for its support of the occupation regime. Demonstrators expressed their opposition to businesses supporting the occupation, forcing the Starbucks branch to shut down temporarily.

Participants in the event reiterated their commitment to supporting Gaza and emphasized the importance of unity and sustained efforts to address the humanitarian crisis and end the occupation. The Prophet’s Lovers Foundation vowed to continue its weekly protests, maintaining pressure on the international community to take meaningful action against the atrocities in Gaza. (ILKHA)

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