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Worshippers stone and burn Netanyahu effigy to protest Gaza genocide
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The demonstration took place in front of the Eyyüp Prophet Mosque and was organized by the Prophet’s Lovers Association.

The protest began after the congregation exited the mosque. Worshippers, chanting takbirs (Islamic exclamations of "God is great"), stoned the model of Netanyahu, which had been erected by the association. Subsequently, they set fire to the model and a flag symbolizing the Zionist regime.

Ibrahim Halil Güven, President of the Prophet’s Lovers Association, spoke to ILKHA about the protest. "Yesterday was Arafat and today is Eid. May Allah make Eid blessed for all Muslims and may it lead to the liberation of Gaza, Turkestan, and East Turkestan, and the end of oppression wherever it exists in the world," he said.

Güven drew a parallel between the stoning of the devil by pilgrims in Jamarat and their symbolic act of stoning Netanyahu. "Today, pilgrims are stoning the devil in Jamarat, and today we stoned the living devil Netanyahu in a representative activity. May Allah punish oppressors like Netanyahu at the hands of Muslims. They are no different from the devil. Let's call them the upper curtain of the devil; they are puppets of the great devil," he stated.

The protest in Şanlıurfa highlights the deep anger and frustration felt by many in the region over the ongoing conflict in Gaza. The symbolic stoning and burning of Netanyahu's model reflect the strong sentiments against Israeli policies and actions. The event underscores the broader tensions and the solidarity of the local Muslim community with Palestinians. (ILKHA)

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