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Russian bomber briefly violates Swedish airspace near Gotland
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This incident comes just three months after Sweden officially joined NATO, ending its long-standing policy of military non-alignment.

Swedish fighter jets scrambled to intercept the Russian aircraft after it ignored warnings to leave Swedish airspace. Two JAS-39 Gripens escorted the Su-24 out of the zone.

"The Russian actions are not acceptable and demonstrate a lack of respect for our territorial integrity," said the head of the Swedish Air Force, Jonas Wikman.

The incident highlights ongoing tensions between Russia and Sweden, particularly in the Baltic Sea region. Gotland's strategic location makes it a focal point for military activity, with Russia's exclave of Kaliningrad situated less than 350 kilometers away.

Sweden's decision to join NATO in response to the Ukraine war has further strained relations with Russia. This is not the first airspace violation by Russian aircraft near Gotland. In March 2022, Swedish fighters intercepted four Russian fighter jets over the island. (ILKHA)

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