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NATO Secretary General condemns Russian proposal on Ukraine
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Speaking after the second day of meetings of NATO Defense Ministers, Stoltenberg emphasized that it is Russia, not Ukraine, that needs to withdraw forces from occupied territories. He argued that the Russian proposal essentially legitimizes the occupation of additional Ukrainian land, including the four provinces that Russia claims are not part of Ukraine.

"This proposal means that Russia should achieve their war aims by expecting Ukraine to cede significantly more territory than Russia has occupied so far," Stoltenberg said. "This is not a peace proposal but rather a call for more aggression and occupation."

Stoltenberg further asserted that Russia's ultimate aim is to control Ukraine, a goal that has been clear since the beginning of the war and represents a blatant violation of international law. He reaffirmed the commitment of NATO Allies to continue supporting Ukraine in its struggle against Russian aggression.

Stoltenberg's remarks underscore NATO's stance against the Russian proposal, highlighting the alliance's ongoing support for Ukraine and condemnation of Russia's actions as violations of international norms. (ILKHA)

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