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MAZLUMDER supports HÜDA PAR's push for legal reform on crimes against humanity
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Kartal's comments come in response to HÜDA PAR's proposal submitted to the Turkish Parliament in December 2023. The proposal seeks to expand the application of Turkish law to certain crimes, including genocide and crimes against humanity, regardless of the location or citizenship of the perpetrator or victim.

"Why can't officials of Israeli occupation regime, their supporters, and dual citizens involved in these crimes be prosecuted in Türkiye?" questioned Kartal.

MAZLUMDER has a history of advocating for legal action against perpetrators of genocide and crimes against humanity. Kartal highlighted their efforts to file criminal complaints throughout Turkey.  He criticized the Turkish Justice Ministry's inaction on these complaints, specifically regarding its refusal to grant permission to prosecute allegations of genocide.

Kartal emphasized the importance of addressing the issue of dual citizenship.  He expressed his concern about Turkish citizens who may be wielding citizenship of another country to commit crimes against humanity, citing the example of involvement in the Palestinian conflict.

"HÜDA PAR's work on this issue includes a demand that can both put this into practice and use it more effectively," Kartal said, applauding their efforts to close legal loopholes and facilitate prosecution for such crimes.

Kartal's remarks indicate growing support for legislative changes that would allow Turkish courts to hold perpetrators of certain crimes accountable regardless of nationality or location of the offense. (ILKHA)

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