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HÜDA PAR organizes rally in Bingöl to condemn Gaza genocide
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The event was held in front of Grand Mosque, where Abdurrahim Berk delivered a press statement on behalf of the party.

With fervor in his voice, Berk began: “The genocide and brutality in Gaza, which started after the Operation Aqsa Flood, has been going on uninterruptedly for eight months. On one hand, we witness the most horrible massacre and genocide recorded in history; on the other hand, we see the honorable resistance of a handful of mujahideen, the honorable people."

He passionately continued: "Tens of hundreds of children, women, and innocent people are slaughtered every day, while a flock of spectators passively observes. The rampaging Zionist horde crosses borders, leaving destruction in its wake, while the disorganized Ummah remains stagnant, dressed in the clothes of weakness. It is time to question our situation as an ummah and take meaningful action."

Berk urged the Muslim community to reflect on their situation, declaring: “It seems that if we continue in this state, the test of Gaza will be a plague on our household, and our share will be humiliation. Let us not take a share from the history-making tables of honor and resistance of the Gaza and Palestinian mujahideen."

"We must not turn a blind eye to the suffering of our brothers and sisters. The babies lined up side by side, their bodies torn to pieces, the mothers whose cries reach the heavens, the children dying of hunger – they are waiting for more from us!" he emphasized.

Stating that the cause of Jerusalem extends beyond national borders, Berk noted: “The cause of Jerusalem is not only the cause of Palestinians, it is the cause of every Muslim. It is an obligation for all of us to preserve the reverence of this city, which is blessed in the Qur'an."

He highlighted the promising signs of global solidarity, saying: “The reactions and awakenings against the genocide in Gaza are diversifying and increasing around the world. The number of states declaring their support for an independent Palestine is growing day by day."

Berk also mentioned a proposed law by HÜDA PAR aimed at punishing Turkish citizens involved in the genocide and facilitating the trial of Zionist criminals. He called on the government, administrators, and political parties to implement measures cutting off supplies and logistics to Zionists, specifically targeting companies like SOCAR. He urged public support for the signature campaign related to the bill, emphasizing that passivity in the face of oppression is equivalent to supporting the oppressor.

The event concluded with a heartfelt prayer for Gaza, reflecting the collective hope for peace and justice. The participants dispersed, determined to continue their efforts in support of the oppressed and to demand accountability for the perpetrators of violence.

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