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Physicians and health workers march in Malatya to protest Gaza genocide
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The march commenced at the former Provincial Directorate of National Education building and concluded at Kernek Karagözlüler Mosque. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Selim Özkan, in a brief speech, emphasized the resilience and determination of the Palestinian people. He declared, “Gaza has won but the world has lost this test,” reflecting on the international community's failure to adequately address the humanitarian crisis.

Following Özkan’s remarks, Ruveyda Ümmügülsüm Ünal, a 5th-year student at İnönü University Faculty of Pharmacy, delivered a powerful press statement. She began by expressing solidarity with the health workers and citizens of Gaza, stating: “Salute to the honorable physicians and health workers of Gaza who do not give up their profession at the risk of dying!” Her words highlighted the dedication and bravery of medical professionals working under extreme conditions in Gaza.

Ünal highlighted the ongoing atrocities, saying: “Every minute we see photos of bombed and burnt bodies of children. The massacre in Gaza, which has gained more attention globally, is being covered up by the cruel Israel and its collaborators.” She pointed out that the atrocities are not just historical but are happening in real-time, stressing the urgent need for global awareness and action.

Providing alarming statistics on the conflict’s toll, Ünal stated: “46,000 people, including 15,000 children, have been massacred in Gaza since October 7. More than 80,000 people have been injured, and 2 million displaced. Health services have ceased, with 33 hospitals and 55 health facilities rendered unusable. Additionally, 496 health personnel have been martyred, and 310 arrested.” These figures underscore the massive scale of the humanitarian disaster.

Ünal also noted the urgent health needs in Gaza, stating: “The number of infectious disease cases reported due to inadequate hygiene conditions is over 1 million. There are 10,000 cancer patients and 350,000 chronic patients at risk due to lack of medication. Gaza is in dire need of humanitarian and medical aid.” She called for immediate international intervention to address the critical shortages of medical supplies and healthcare services.

She concluded with a call to action, urging global solidarity and volunteerism for humanitarian aid to Gaza. She invited all conscientious individuals to join their march and stand against oppression. “We invite all physicians, health workers, and all people of conscience to take action, to take part in this honorable march, and to be a voice in our Silent March caravan to stand against oppression!” she proclaimed.

High school students also voiced their support. Sebat Duhan Katı, representing the students, said: “We are here to stand against oppression and to be a voice for all innocent creatures, especially babies. We condemn this inhuman genocide and will continue to fight against injustice.” The students’ involvement added a powerful dimension to the march, highlighting the widespread concern and commitment among the younger generation.

Katı further emphasized the importance of consumer action, urging a boycott of Israeli products. “Boycott is where we can fight the biggest struggle. As young people, we ask everyone, especially our elders, not to make excuses and to give up all Israeli products! We all know that if we don't buy those products, we won't die! But if we do, won't we be a partner in the deaths there? Please, let's fulfill our human duty with our consciences for innocent lives,” he implored.

The march underscored the solidarity and commitment of Turkish health workers and students to support Gaza amid the ongoing genocide, calling for immediate international intervention and humanitarian aid. The participants’ powerful messages highlighted the urgent need for a global response to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the importance of standing against oppression and injustice. (ILKHA)

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