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Artuklu University students rally against genocide in Gaza
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The march aimed to express solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians and to denounce the relentless violence inflicted upon them.

In a poignant press statement delivered during the evening, Oğuzhan Şener, representing the student community, articulated their collective condemnation of the massacre and genocide occurring in the Rafah camp. With a sense of urgency, Şener emphasized the imperative to transcend mere condemnation and take tangible actions to address the ongoing crisis.

The recent heinous attack in the Rafah region served as a stark reminder of the brutality faced by innocent civilians. Şener lamented the loss of lives and the suffering endured by Palestinians, who sought refuge in what was supposed to be a safe zone, only to face further devastation at the hands of the zionist state.

In response to these atrocities, Şener called for a united effort to keep the cause alive in every facet of life. He urged fellow Muslims to boycott products of companies that support the Zionist regime as a symbolic gesture of solidarity and resistance against oppression.

Drawing hope from recent developments such as the recognition of Palestine as a free state by European countries like Ireland, Spain, and Norway, Şener expressed optimism for a global movement against oppression. He envisioned a future where Palestine's rightful capital, Jerusalem, serves as a beacon of peace and harmony for all its inhabitants.

In a show of solidarity with protestors across Türkiye, Şener conveyed unwavering belief in the eventual triumph for Jerusalem and urged continuous action until the promise of justice is realized.

The demonstration at Artuklu University underscores the growing international support for the Palestinian cause and the increasing condemnation of the Zionist regime’s actions. It also highlights the role of students and universities in leading social and political change.

The students at Mardin Artuklu University have shown that they are not just bystanders but active participants in the struggle for justice and freedom. Their actions serve as a reminder that every individual has a role to play in challenging oppression and injustice. They have shown that through collective action and solidarity, it is possible to effect change and challenge oppressive regimes. Their call for a boycott of companies that support the Zionist regime is a concrete step towards holding these entities accountable for their actions.

This event also serves as a powerful reminder of the potential of student activism and the role of universities as spaces for critical thinking and social change. It is a testament to the power of collective action and the potential for change when individuals come together in pursuit of a common cause. (ILKHA)

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