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Global intifada: Bingöl joins worldwide protests in solidarity with Gaza
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Following the noon prayer, a palpable sense of outrage filled the air as participants rallied together to denounce the barbaric assaults on innocent civilians and reaffirm their unwavering support for the oppressed people of Gaza.

The Islamic Brotherhood and Solidarity Platform, comprising devoted individuals committed to justice and humanitarian principles, orchestrated a march and subsequent press statement to express their collective outrage at the flagrant violations of human rights and international law unfolding in Gaza. With fervent slogans echoing through the streets, demonstrators embarked on a solemn procession from the Grand Mosque to Telekom Junction, where they convened to amplify their message of solidarity and resistance.

Addressing the gathered crowd, Yunus Kava, representing the Bingöl Islamic Brotherhood and Solidarity Platform, delivered a stirring press statement that encapsulated the sentiments of indignation and resolve shared by all present. With conviction and clarity, Kava underscored the urgent need to confront the relentless onslaught against Gaza's vulnerable populace, emphasizing the moral imperative to stand in solidarity with the besieged Palestinians in their struggle for freedom and dignity.

“We are now witnessing a global intifada,” declared Kava, his voice resonating with determination. “For over 230 days, we have assembled in these squares to condemn the ongoing massacre and genocide in Gaza. Today, our voices unite as part of a global uprising of conscience, transcending borders and boundaries. From Bingöl to the farthest corners of the earth, our solidarity with Gaza knows no bounds. Together, we pledge our unwavering support to the valiant resistance in Gaza until victory is achieved.”

In a poignant reflection on history's lessons, Kava highlighted the timeless truth that oppressors invariably meet their demise, while the oppressed emerge triumphant with honor. Drawing inspiration from the steadfast resilience of Gaza's courageous inhabitants, he invoked the spirit of resistance that has animated countless struggles for justice and liberation throughout the ages.

“Our protests in support of Gaza serve as a beacon of hope and solidarity,” proclaimed Kava, his words infused with conviction. “In these squares, we find strength and solace, knowing that our collective voice reverberates across the globe. As we stand united against oppression and tyranny, we send a clear message to the world: the struggle for justice knows no bounds, and the oppressed will ultimately prevail.”

As the press statement drew to a close, participants joined together in a solemn prayer for the besieged residents of Gaza, their hearts filled with resolve and compassion. In this moment of solidarity, they reaffirmed their unwavering commitment to the cause of justice and freedom, vowing to stand firm in the face of adversity and oppression. (ILKHA)

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