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Zionist Ben-Gvir defiles al-Aqsa Mosque compounds amid tensions
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This marks his first visit to the site since the onset of the Israeli genocide in Gaza, which began on October 7.

During the visit, Ben-Gvir stated: "We must control this most important place of all.”

"In order to recover the hostages, we must stop bringing fuel into the Gaza Strip," he further commented, signaling a hardline stance amidst ongoing hostilities.

Today coincides with the second Passover, a period during which extremist groups advocating for the construction of a Jewish temple on the site had called for increased incursions and the performance of ritual sacrifices within the mosque's precincts.

From the early morning hours, dozens of Israeli settlers, under the protection of Israeli occupation police, entered the courtyards of the al-Aqsa Mosque in what was described as a provocative act. The incursions by settlers and statements by Ben-Gvir have escalated tensions in the already volatile region, drawing sharp criticism from Palestinian leaders and communities.

The visit and accompanying statements by Ben-Gvir are likely to further inflame the situation in Jerusalem and Gaza, where tensions have remained high amid ongoing conflicts and blockades. (ILKHA)

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