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Türkiye denounces Greek Pontic allegations as unfounded
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The Ministry criticized the Pontic allegations made by far-right groups in Greece, calling them unfounded. "The Pontic allegations put forward by far-right groups in Greece with populist rhetoric in 1994, 75 years after May 19, 1919, which we recognize as the launch of our War of Independence, are unfounded," the statement said.

The Ministry emphasized that the term "Pontus" is rooted in antiquity and that Pontic activities which emerged in the late 19th century are extensions of Greece's "Megali Idea" plan. "This issue is essentially the exploitation of a historical process that resulted in the exchange of the Turkish and Greek populations, by relating it with baseless allegations," the Ministry added.

The statement underlined that these allegations are aimed at damaging Turkish-Greek relations and putting Greek politicians with common sense in a difficult position. "Türkiye's bilateral relations with Greece have recently gained a positive momentum. We expect the Greek Government to take a clear stance against the efforts of some irresponsible politicians to prevent future generations from living in peace," the Ministry concluded.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry's response highlights concerns over the potential impact of such historical allegations on the recent positive developments in Turkish-Greek relations. (ILKHA)








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