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Turkish President Erdoğan to embark on historic visit to Iraq
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The visit comes at a pivotal moment in the relationship between the two neighboring countries, with a focus on bolstering cooperation in combating terrorism and fostering multifaceted ties.

During his visit, Erdoğan will hold key meetings in both Baghdad and Erbil. The primary agenda will revolve around addressing the shared threat posed by the PKK, a militant group that has been active in northern Iraqi territories for an extended period.

High-level discussions are anticipated between Erdoğan and Iraqi President Abdul Latif Rashid, as well as Prime Minister Muhammad Shiya al-Sudani.

Reports suggest that a strategic framework agreement covering various areas such as security, energy, trade, water management, transportation, and health is poised to be signed during the visit.

Additionally, nearly 30 agreements are expected to be finalized by cabinet members from both countries, laying the foundation for future collaboration. To ensure the effective implementation of these agreements, working committees will be established between ministries. (ILKHA)

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