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Turkish workforce grows as number of paid employees rises
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The total number of paid employees, which includes those in the industry, construction, and trade-services sectors, rose from 14,515,778 in February 2023 to 15,104,259 in February 2024.

A closer look at the sub-sectors reveals that the number of paid employees in the industrial sector increased by 0.5%, in the construction sector by a substantial 14.1%, and in the trade-services sector by 4.4% on an annual basis.

In terms of monthly growth, the number of paid employees across all sectors increased by 0.6% in February 2024 compared to the previous month. The industrial sector saw a modest increase of 0.1%, while the construction sector experienced a more significant rise of 1.8%. The trade-services sector matched the overall monthly growth rate with an increase of 0.6%.

These figures highlight the positive growth trend in Türkiye's labor market, reflecting the country's robust economic performance. (ILKHA)

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