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Türkiye’s dried fig exports soar despite decrease in quantity
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Despite a 5 percent decrease in quantity, the value of exports rose by 21 percent, from $179 million to $216 million.

The increase in value, despite the decrease in quantity, was made possible by a 27 percent increase in the average export price of dried figs in US dollars.

The success story of the country's dried fig exports was discussed at the ordinary financial general assembly meeting of the Aegean Dried Fruit and Products Exporters' Association, held at the Aegean Exporters' Associations. Mehmet Ali Işık, the Coordinator of Sustainability and Organic Products at the Aegean Exporters' Associations and President of the Aegean Dried Fruit and Products Exporters' Association, highlighted Türkiye's achievement in the global market.

Işık noted that Türkiye, accounting for 58 percent of the world's production and export of dried figs, exported 47,343 tons of the product to 101 countries and customs regions. This successful export season generated $216 million in foreign exchange earnings for Türkiye.

The increase in export revenue despite a decrease in quantity underscores Türkiye's competitiveness and the quality of its dried fig products on the global stage. (ILKHA)

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